How Chevrolet Breaks the Mold in Automotive Safety

October 15th, 2019 by

The auto industry landscape is changing, and at the forefront of this change is active safety. When you visit Ziegler Chevrolet you’ll find a new car dealership in Schaumburg that champions the automotive innovation that Chevrolet brings to the table.

Gone are the days when drivers relied on their own reaction time to avoid an accident. Modern auto safety features have taken the next step, working alongside drivers to provide greater awareness and to avoid collisions.

One of the many active safety features found in some Chevy vehicles is forward automatic braking. This is an automated braking system that senses whether or not the car risks making a serious collision. If a collision is detected, the system will grab control of the brakes and activate them to potentially stop the vehicle in time.

Adaptive cruise control is another groundbreaking feature, which utilizes cameras to keep a keen eye on the flow of traffic. The system will adjust the speed of your vehicle according to this sensed flow of traffic, making for a far more hands-off driving experience.

Lane drift is becoming eliminated too thanks to the help of lane keep assist with lane departure warning. This feature detects when your vehicle has drifted out of the lane lines and will put you back on track. Combined with lane departure warnings, drifting between lanes is bound to become less and less common as this technology advances.

At Ziegler Chevrolet, our showroom is home to plenty of advanced vehicles like the 2020 Chevy Blazer, or the 2019 Chevy Trax. We’re proud to show off everything that these state of the art features can do, and how Chevy continues to blaze ahead, innovating their cars with intuitive safety technology.

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