Tips for Changing a Flat Tire on the Fly

May 8th, 2019 by

At Zeigler Chevrolet Schaumburg, we pride ourselves in being a Schaumburg Chevrolet dealer that always puts our customer’s first. Whether you’re looking to sit behind the wheel of a Chevy or service your current vehicle, we’re here to meet all of your automotive needs.

One of the many reoccurring topics we discuss with our customers is flat tires, and how to go about changing them. First things first, before you even pop a tire, you should have the tools necessary to repair one. In your flat repair tool kit, you should have a car jack, a wrench, an air pressure gauge, and an air compressor. Once you’ve put together your flat tire repair kit, you should always be sure to keep it in your vehicle, as you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

When crisis strikes and you pop a tire, the first thing you should do is find a safe space to park, whether that be the shoulder of a highway, a parking lot, or a side street. Once you’ve found a safe place to park, loosen the lug nuts, raise your car using the jack, and remove the lug nuts completely. Then, you may remove the flat tire.

Before you install the spare, use the air pressure gauge to check if the tire is properly inflated. If it isn’t, use the air compressor to bring it back up to optimal levels. With the spare ready to go, install it to the axel using the lug nuts and your wrench. While you may have four working tires at this point, you should find a skilled automotive technician to repair your flat tire or outfit your vehicle with a new tire. Remember, spare tires aren’t designed to be driven on for long periods of time or at high speeds.

If you’re looking for skilled “Chevy service near me,” there’s nowhere better to turn than Zeigler Chevrolet. We’re dedicated to being your one-stop shop, and we will help you get back out onto the road with a set of four healthy working tires.

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