Value Your Trade

Looking for a new car? Your wish list won’t just include things like a powerful engine, advanced safety features, or plenty of passenger space. You’ll also want to make sure you’re getting the lowest monthly payments you can.

We’ve got good news: Zeigler Chevrolet is always looking for more vehicles to add to our diverse selection of used cars, and we want your trade-in!

Why Should You Trade In Your Vehicle?

Even though you can’t miss the Chevrolet logo in our showroom, people come to our Schaumburg, IL Chevrolet dealership from miles around because we’re more than just used Chevy cars.

Many other makes and models, in every body style you can imagine, are represented. Any vehicle has a place here as long as it’s in great condition. Once you’ve gotten a fair trade-in value, you can use it as a down payment on a new Chevy vehicle, as the down payment on a lease, or just use the extra cash toward a nice vacation.

The biggest value behind trading in is time. Selling your own vehicle is time-consuming and full of pitfalls; buyers will try to lowball you, waste your time on trivial problems, or withdraw offers at the last minute. You won’t have to put up with any of that at Zeigler Chevrolet!

How to Trade In Your Car

We believe that every part of your car-buying or leasing process should be as painless as possible, and that extends to trading in your vehicle.

  • First, find your vehicle title; we can’t take a trade-in without it
  • Next, gather up any maintenance records, recall reports, your owner’s manual, and other paperwork related to the vehicle
  • Clean out the vehicle thoroughly; it doesn’t need to be absolutely spotless, but we can’t be responsible for anything — money, personal items, the diamond earring you lost in 2016 — left behind
  • If you think you’ll be leasing or financing a new, used, or Chevrolet Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, bring proof of income and ID for Chevrolet financing
  • Let us know you’ll be trading in upon arrival; we can get the inspection process started while you browse so you spend less time waiting

Why Trade In at Zeigler Chevrolet?

We believe that every step in the car ownership process should be as transparent and painless as possible. If you have questions about your trade, financing, specials, service, or anything else, we encourage you to call, click, or stop by Zeigler Chevrolet.